The Instruments


The instruments

Actually a speed meter, altimeter and vario are available as fully functional instruments. A level indicator and a compass can be created on request in scale 40% and 50%.

RC Scale Instrument Altimeter


With a standard dial the altimeter displays a range from 0 m to 1000 m over a full turn. A 900 m range can be used with a pin as a calibration. If you want to fly higher you can add the “Opto module”. By this way the calibration will proceed optically and flight levels over 1000 m would be possible.

RC Scale Instrument Variometer


The variometer covers the range from 0 to +/- 10 m/s. The calibration is always done via a small pin as a mechanical pointer stopper.

RC Scale Speedmeter

Airspeed indicator max. 140 km/h

This speedmeter with a dial up to 140 km/h is designed for all large scale models to show the real speed. As usual in glider cockpits the speed is displayed in km/h instead of kn.

RC Scale Speedometer

Airspeed indicator max. 300 km/h

As an alternative to the real speed there is the option to display the extrapolated scale speed. For this option this dial has a larger speed range. Because the pointer has to move one and a half turn you have to use the additional “Opto module” for calibration.

RC Scale Instrument Tachometer

Tachometer up to 8000 rpm

Specially designed for RC models this tachometer displays max. 8000 rpm. Flying a gas engine the rate of rotation can be taken by a hall sensor.

RC Scale Instrument Compass


This compass is part of all Scale-Avionics scale dial prints. By this way you will have an uniform panel layout. As alternative to this dummy compass I´m able to make a functional compass on request.

RC Scale Instrument Ball Compass

Magnetic compass

This magnetic compass is embedded in a fluid and fully functional. This compass can be made in 40% or 50% scale. You can select an top case or panel housing.

RC Scale Instrument Acceleration

Acceleration indicator

The G-meter works mechanically. The displayed G rates ​​are real. The dial range is -4 G to +7 G.

RC Scale Instrument Bank Indicator

Bank indicator

A functional instrument with tube and ball can be offered in 40% or 50% scale. The ball is embedded in a fluid. In 33% you can fit this instrument as a dummy.

RC Scale Instrument Horizont

Artificial horizont

The artificial horizon completes the current supply of dials and instruments. Also designed as a dummy you can fit this one together with the functional instruments.


RC Scale Cockpit Glider

The electronics board

The working instruments need a electronics board, different sensors and of course the software. A view behind the panel shows the board with the sensors. Only the speed sensor has to be installed separately. Powered by a 2 s Lipo this panel is ready to fly.

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