Measurements instruments size 80 and 57

Size 80Scale 1:2 (50%)Scale 1:2,5 (40%)Scale 1:3 (33%)
A:  Ø Dials, glass plates and spacer38 mm30 mm25 mm
A:  Ø Stepper drive
38 mm30 mm25 mm
B:  Ø Bore instruments (rings)
40 mm32 mm26,5 mm
C: Ø Bolt circle
44,5 mm35,6 mm29,7 mm

Size 57


Scale 1:2 (50%)


Scale 1:2,5 (40%)


Scale 1:3 (33%)

A:  Dials, glass plates and spacer
26,5 mm21 mm17,5 mm
A: Ø Stepper drive
26,5 mm21 mm17,5 mm
B:  Ø Bore instruments (rings)
28,5 mm23 mm19 mm
C: Ø Bolt circle35,6 mm26,8 mm22,3 mm

Original instruments have either 80 mm or 57 mm mounting diameter. For my instruments I take over the diameter as size. To be close to the real you have to select the size and scale.


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